Sex Addiction Warning Signs


  1. Compulsive masturbation
  2. Frequent cheating on spouse or partner
  3. Multiple or anonymous sexual partners and/or one-night stands
  4. Consistent and prolonged use of pornography
  5. High-risk unsafe sex
  6. Compulsive phone or computer sex (cybersex)
  7. Prostitution or use of prostitutes / escorts
  8. Exhibitionism and exposing self in public
  9. Voyeurism and/or stalking
  10. Sexual harassment and/or violation of sexual boundaries

  11. Generally, a person with a sex addiction gains little satisfaction from the sexual activity and forms little or no emotional bond with his or her sex partners.
  12. The problem of sex addiction often leads to feelings of guilt and shame.
  13. A sex addict also feels a lack of control over the behavior, despite negative consequences (financial, health, social, and emotional).
  14. Often someone with a sexual addiction has made several unsuccessful attemtps to stop or control the behavior (e.g. discarding porn, deleting phone numbers, etc).





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